Frequently Asked Questions

Landlord / Letting Agent

Do all my tenants need to be referenced?

All tenants that are to be named in the tenancy agreement should, in aggregate, be referenced and accepted for the full monthly rent in line with the referencing criteria in your policy.

If you are unhappy with the service that has been provided, you should contact us at the address below. We will always confirm to you, within five working days, that we have received your complaint. Within four weeks you will receive either a final response or an explanation of why the complaint has not been resolved, plus an indication of when you will receive a final response. Within eight weeks you will receive a final response or, if this is not possible, a reason for the delay plus an indication of when you will receive a final response. After eight weeks, if you are unhappy with the delay, you may refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

You can also refer to the Financial Ombudsman Service if you cannot settle your complaint with us or before we have investigated the complaint if both parties agree.

I have a claim to make but have been advised not to send the claim form in until 2 month’s rent are owed. Is this correct?

When you are aware of a potential new claim under your policy, you should obtain a claim form from our website and send this to our claims team together with the supporting documents listed within the claim form. You should not wait until there are two months owing as there are actions we can take before this point. It is also a condition of your insurance that the claim is reported within a specified number of days – usually 45 (you should check your policy to establish this as it may be a lesser number of days).

Will I get all my rent paid under the policy?

Yes, whilst the tenant remains in the property during the period of the tenancy agreement and insurance and if your policy includes Rent Guarantee Insurance (RGI), please check the policy wording for the exact conditions relating to your RGI. There is an excess on the policy that is equal to one full month’s rent. If you hold a deposit that is more than equal to one month’s rent, the balance of the deposit will be deducted from your insurance payments. Should this later be required to meet the cost of dilapidations at the property, we will consider reimbursing this amount.

What happens if the claim is reported over the required number of days?

The policy does not cover claims that are reported late however, at our discretion, if the position of the underwriters has not been prejudiced and the claim has not been prolonged we may cover the cost of the legal action & proceedings and we may pay RGI subject however to a deduction that is equivalent to the number of days late that we received the information.

Will I be covered to pursue the tenant after they have been evicted for the debt that they owe?

This cover is dependent on the policy that you hold. Please check your policy wording or contact our claims team.

My agents are not passing the tenants rent to me therefore will my policy cover legal actions against the agent?

The policy does not provide cover for action against your letting agent.

The tenants have taken my sofa; will you pay for it to be replaced?

The policy does not cover the replacement of items taken or damaged by tenants. Please approach your contents insurers as they may be able to assist.

Do I need to take a deposit from the tenant/s?

A deposit that is at least equal to one month’s rent should be collected in cleared funds from the tenant/s before they are allowed into possession of the property. This deposit is an indemnity for losses incurred by the insured arising from the tenant failing to perform his obligations set out in the tenancy agreement. Deposit Insurance schemes or Deposits paid by third parties are not acceptable under the insurance.

What supporting documents do I need to send with the claim form?

A list of documents that can be uploaded with your claim form are:

  • Tenancy agreement

  • Prescribed Information

  • Correspondence entered into with the tenant

  • Landlord photographic identification and proof of address in the last 3 months

  • EPC

  • How to Rent Guide

  • Gas Safety Certificate

  • The insurance certificate

  • Any notices served upon the tenants

  • The deposit protection certificate and the deposit scheme terms & conditions leaflet

  • Tenant & Guarantor referencing documents

  • Guarantor agreements

  • Any court papers

  • Rental records from the commencement of the tenancy

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